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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Excuses...and a Game

Okay, so I haven't blogged in awhile. But I have an excuse! And it's a good one: I've been writing. Yes, I've been actually writing on my novel and I've had so much fun that I haven't been able to put it down.

Per a friend's suggestion, I'm rewriting my novel entirely in first person. It's a big overhaul, because it changes the whole vibe, plus I've found all sorts of other things I want to add now. XD

So, instead of asking a question today, I decided it'd be fun to play a little game. It's called Choose. I think we've all played it at some point in our lives. Essentially, you're faced with two scenarios; both are either equally pleasing or equally displeasing and you have to choose which one you'd rather have/do/see, etc.

And now for the game.

Choose: Writing on your blog/website or writing on your novel/story project?

For many writers, that's a difficult choice. But it's not for me. As much as I love blogging, my writing always has to come first, which explains my absence from the blogosphere for awhile.

And now you're wondering: what does that mean for my readers? Essentially, not much. The quality will always be here. Think of this blog of a database of the own meanderings of my mind. I'm not going to update obsessively -- I could care less about ad revenue, even though it's nice. Instead, I want to focus on content and quality. Period.

I'm never going to abandon this blog -- that's for certain. Even if I go without blogging for a month, it'll still be here. I'll randomly update with something to say.

Because it's all about dedication, isn't it? I'm dedicated to writing; most particularly, my writing, since it's my career and passion. Blogging has to come after that, but this blog is part of my writing journey, so here it stays.

This is just in case anyone was wondering where I went.

Writing Tip of the Day

*Listen to music to help set the tone of your mind while writing. (Do it and you'll see what I mean.)


Graham Moody said...

I sat down at my desk with a steaming mug of coffee to work on my writing blog. I have to keep up with my character. He is an I. I don't know if it easier to write in first person or third, but as soon as I started writing, he grabbed my hand and dragged me over to the novel.

Rebecca said...

I've foudn that for me, teh blog isn't the first thing, but teh second. My trick is that I "write" out my blog long before I type it onto my blogsite... yes I know cheating a bit.

It also gives me teh freedom in knowing that for about a month at least I don't need to worry about the blog... I just need to type and hit spell check, and it's a second edit =)

My Writing come first, that's where I do my best work, and that's the way it should be.

Nice to have you back!

Graham Moody said...

Rebecca, I think you forgot to hit the spell check button for your comment. Unless your spell checker accepts words like 'teh blog', 'the second' and 'teh freedom.' I frankly don't feel the freedom to let the spell-checker do the checking. AND, it only checks for misspelled words . . . and Not for the wrong words. By the way, writing should come first. Let's stress good spelling and tense verification!

Al said...

Hi Carrie good to see you "back on deck". I’ve nominated you for an award

Brian, the old man said...

Hi Carrie, You have been missed but I can understand your excuse. I know I feel the same way at times. I have been trying to adjust to my new schedule and it has been eating into my writing time. I have been tossing this same question around in my head for awhile now. I love to blog but... Well, we see how it goes. I'm happy you are well, I was beginning to worry about you. Good luck with your novel. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Halloween.

PrettySiren said...

Graham, I think the third/first dilemma mainly depends on the story being told. When I first started writing my novel, it was just automatic that I wrote it in third. However, the more I wrote in it, the more it became clear to me, and others that have read it, that it REALLY needs to be in first person. I'm happy with the decision. Don't you think it's fun to write in first? It really helps get into the character's head. It's as though you're playing them on TV (except you're typing them on the computer instead).

Rebecca, that is a good tip about blogging. I try to do that when I have the time, but between my novel, and my other writing job, I don't always have the time, unfortunately.

Al, thanks for the award! I'll definitely check it out.

Brian, thank you for the warm welcome back! I hope you had a happy Halloween too. Balancing time is definitely tough -- it's the bane of all writers, I believe. But somehow, we all find what works for us.

Graham Moody said...

Carrie, I went to a conference in Mendocino this summer. Ben Percy, one of the presenters,(Refresh,Refresh) said that when you write a first person piece you write a sort of contract. This character should have the emotion of the self. But the 1st person narrator is an unreliable narrator who never tells the truth. When you read a 1st person narrative you have to have the internal critic working. In 3rd person you have various levels of psychic distance, but it is assumed that the omniscient narrator knows everything.

PrettySiren said...

I think that's a big reason of why I like first person so much. You get to be biased, and it's up to the reader to use their smarts to determine whether or not your character is seeing the world in an objective way or not.